SIAL Canada: food epicenter in innovation and business

Montreal, Quebec, Canada. The Palais des Congrès de Montréal is about to host one of the most important events in the world of agri-food: the 21st edition of the SIAL Canada. From May 15 to 17, 2024, this international show promises to bring together more than 1,000 exhibitors from over forty countries and 21,000 industry professionals, consolidating itself as a business epicenter and a showcase for the latest trends in the food industry.

The visitor registration was opened on March 4. It should be noted, that the organization of the exhibition offers the public various types of tickets that grant a series of benefits to the visitor (EN / FR). Until next April 15 they can be purchased in advance at promotional prices.

Innovation and future as pillars of SIAL Canada 2024

With a firm commitment to quality and excellence, SIAL Canada is a platform where industry leaders meet to discuss and explore the future of agri-food.

The source consulted by our portal, emphasizes that the great international impact of the exhibition, confirms to Canada like leading agri-food business accelerator in North America.

For the 2024 edition, it is announced that the conference program is evolving, offering free access to ten thematic forums that will address key issues such as packaging, technology and supply chain.

SIAL Canada is not only a place to do business, but also a space for knowledge sharing. Under the theme of "Imagining the Future", the show opens its doors to both exhibitors (EN / FR) as well as visitors, offering a platform for dialogue and innovation.

In an effort to adapt to market demands, SIAL Canada relaunches its "cheese industry"  under the name "SIAL Dairy", highlighting its openness to all actors in the dairy sector. It also presents the first Best Canadian Cheese Merchant Contestchaired by the master cheesemaker Yannick Achim.

Celebrating innovation by recognizing visionaries. According to the international event organizers, "SIAL Canada not only promotes innovation, it also celebrates it". Through flagship events such as the Pitch Competition and the SIAL Innovation, the show highlights new technologies and practices that are transforming the food industry.

Of interest to exhibitors

SIAL Canada is the union of three main areas of activity: SIAL Food, SIAL Grocerant and SIAL Packaging. In each of them, various subsectors are proposed to satisfy the multiple ramifications of the agri-food production sector. With this proposal, exhibitors' products "will inevitably have a place at SIAL Canada".


- Alcoholic beverages
- Non-alcoholic beverages
- Tea, coffee and other hot beverages
- Dairy products, eggs
- Cheese

- Confectionery, chocolate, sweet snacks
- Salty snack
- Canned and tinned products
- Condiments, seasonings, spices
- Animal feed
- Alternative products and wellness
- Seeds, cereals, pasta.
- Food for children
- Frozen foods and products
- Ingredients, additives

Fresh produce
- Seafood products
- Fruits, vegetables, nuts.
- Bakery and confectionery products
- Meat, poultry, game
- Prepared dishes, catering, charcuterie


- Distribution and decoration
- Cooking
- Preparation
- Refrigeration
- Beverage equipment
- Kitchen accessories and uniforms
- Hygiene and maintenance
- Packaging

Services for the food industry
- Personnel management, training.
- Business and consumer services
- Analysis, testing and quality control
- Shopping groups, brokers
- Cleaning, laundry

New technologies for grocery stores
- Software, payment solutions
- Technology applied to retail
- Multimedia, audiovisuals

- Hats, gloves, caps
- Cleaning of linen, house, table
- Aprons, uniforms, clothing


Packaging service
- Personnel management, training
- Business and consumer services
- Analysis, testing and quality control
- Shopping groups, brokers

New packaging technologies
- Software
- Safety systems

- Boutique and food packaging
- Sustainable and eco-responsible packaging

Supply chain
- Infrastructure, buildings, warehouses
- Materials and equipment for storage,
storage and handling
- Transportation service
- Computer systems and communications

An ideal scenario for doing business

Once again, SIAL Canada fulfills its mission to drive progress in food trade by providing a dynamic platform to create meaningful connections between retailers, buyers, producers, suppliers, importers and wholesalers.

In addition to being a business driver, SIAL Canada is committed to sustainability through its program SoSIAL. In its 21st edition, the show is collaborating with Moisson Montréal for reducing food waste and supporting communities in need.

About SIAL Canada

SIAL Canada is part of the SIAL Canada network, a world leader in trade shows dedicated to the food industry. Since its founding in 2001, SIAL Canada has been a key catalyst for the agri-food sector, thanks to the support of various organizations and government entities.

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