Benefits of consuming apples

The apple is a fruit of white and juicy pulp, pleasant flavor, rounded shape and thin skin, which can be red, green or yellow in color. It is frequently used as a symbol of health due to its multiple properties, which provide a large part of the vitamins and minerals recommended to be ingested daily.

Among the nutrients in apples are potassium, magnesium, fiber, vitamin E, provitamin A, vitamin C and carbohydrates.


According to epidemiological studies, frequent consumption of apples helps prevent cardiovascular diseases such as heart attacks and strokes. It also inhibits the oxidation of LDL cholesterol, lowers total cholesterol and protects the endothelium.

It also relieves constipation and reduces the risk of hemorrhoids. Pectin (fiber naturally present in fruits) is able to improve the microbiota, which favors the functioning of the organism and intestinal activity.

Anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties are other benefits of consuming apples, protecting against diseases such as diabetes or inflammatory disorders of the colon.

Also, eating apples gives us a very refreshing sensation, which also helps to satiate the appetite, which makes it an ally when it comes to losing weight. In addition, chewing apples stimulates the secretion of saliva, which reduces the bacteria that cause tooth decay.

Apple skin

The skin or peel of the apple has valuable micronutrients, doctors and nutrition experts recommend that it should not be wasted and should always be consumed. It is rich in fiber and contains ursolic acid, which is a compound that improves strength and endurance, promotes fat loss and slows memory aging.

Curious fact

There are a total of 7500 types or varieties of apples around the world. The countries that produce the most of this delicious fruit are: China, the United States, Turkey, Poland and Italy.

MGAP - Smart list of seasonal fruits and vegetables (external link)
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