Angus: the bovine rock star

The famous Aberdeen Angus breed, today known as "Angus", is the star of quality in the American cattle stock, both in the United States, Chile, Brazil, and particularly in the United States. Argentina. But, lately it shows a powerful vigor in Uruguay.

Between its two varieties, red and black, the latter is the breeder's favorite coat.

Angus meat is very juicy, substantial, tender, aromatic and of very refined taste to the most demanding palate.

A piece of history

Angus has been successfully established in Argentina since its importation from Scotland in 1879. In the same year, General Julio A. Roca led the military campaign of 15,000 square leagues (about 350,000 km2) in Patagonia, known as the "Conquest of the Desert". In this way, he guaranteed territorial sovereignty and contributed to the vertiginous take-off of the Argentine agro-export model.

Within this historical framework, the three pioneer Angus arrived to the humid pampas: the bull "Virtuoso 1626", and two heifers, "Tía Lee" and "Cinderella". The trio settled down to stay at the "Charles" ranch, owned by Carlos Guerrero, in the district of General Madariaga, province of Buenos Aires.

Breed of champions

Since then, "Angus is the majority breed of the national cattle herd".as stated on its website by Argentine Angus Association (AAA).

"If Angus crosses are taken into account in different proportions, the 'Angus influence' exceeds 70% of the total head."as stated by the source consulted.

The Argentine cattle herd numbers around 53 million head. As for producers, many of them have disappeared. Of the 350,000 that used to exist, there are currently only 270,000.

"Small producers were lost and medium-sized producers were strengthened. There was a concentration, all the opposite of what the government wants to do."criticized Alfonso BustilloAAA president, in an interview with Channel 10 of Argentina. 

Uruguay in a unique moment

"What Uruguayan cattle breeders have done with Angus is incredible, it's explosive: there is growth at the top of the pyramid and down."said Bustillo.

"There is no better business for a cattleman than an Angus cow for its fertility, maternal ability, adaptation to the environment, health and meat quality.". Bustillo applauds, that "In Uruguay, breeders have realized this, and that is why they are in a unique moment for the breed"..

A similar characterization was provided by Lucas Gremmingerformer president and current member of the Society of Aberdeen Angus Breeders of UruguayThe company's management and the media, in statements to the media in the framework of the 80th Autumn Angus ExpoThe event, developed by AAA at the premises of the Sociedad Rural Argentina.

Gremminger stressed, that "Uruguay exports 80 % of Angus production"..

In order to adapt to the rural habitat, without losing quality or yield, given the lower productive capacity of the Charrúa countryside compared to Argentina, Uruguayan herds raise steers of up to 530 or 540 kilos, the export prototype demanded by the international market.

With this production model, intelligently based on environmental protection and sustainability, Uruguayan Angus attracts markets. Currently, in addition to Europe, it is placing volumes in China, the United States and Brazil.

Ricardo Chamorro
Ricardo Chamorro
Argentine journalist with accredited experience in the newspaper La Nación of Buenos Aires, in radios AM and FM Rivadavia, Continental, Ciudad, among others. He has written for ArgenTime magazine; he has participated as a journalist in Argentine television (Badía y Cía., news programs). He has also been a consultant in institutional press offices.

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