Argentine, Chilean and Uruguayan wines seduce the world

The world's vibrant and ever-changing attraction to the magnetism of South America with its precious metals, minerals and raw materials is increasingly seduced by a captivating glass of wine.

Thanks to the voluptuous South American nature, favored by the climate and topography of its territory, some of the best and finest wines on the planet are produced here.

Since the beginning of the 20th century, the great European immigration brought in their suitcases wine-growing and winemaking methodologies and unknown grape varieties.

With grapes and secrets - inherited and adapted to the region - from France, Italy, Spain and Portugal, there is currently a consolidated industry of red, white, rosé and sparkling wines that lead the market. Argentina and Chileand that lately it has added Uruguay as a powerful producer.

The ingenuity of the "varietals".

Fifty years ago, what we now recognize as "varietals" was more of a clever strategy of marketing, than the name of the grape that gives life to the wine.

Robert MondaviThe American, a descendant of an Italian family, who established his first winery in Napa Valley, California, in the 1960s, engineered this efficient competition that stripped Europe of the "stigma" of being guardians of the wine's appellation according to its place of origin.

Burgundy, champagne, chianti, sherry, port, etc. stopped imposing "visas" for the passport of wines from the same grapes in different parts of the world.

After a process of exploration and development of the best habitats for the different vines, varietals appeared: cabernet sauvignon, cabernet franc, argentine malbec, chilean carménère, Uruguayan tannatmerlot, merlot, chardonnay, pinot noir, syrah, riesling, muscatel, and the list goes on...

The award-winning malbec, pure Argentinean grape variety

Considered the greatest promoter of wine in the region, thanks mainly to its exclusive and exquisite Malbec red wine, Argentina adopted and cultivated this French grape variety with great success due to its compatibility with the territory.

Argentine wineries are also distinguished by the award-winning excellence of their Cabernet Sauvignon.

This year, the 39th edition of the International Wine Challenge (IWC)The "Malbec de la Plata", considered the most rigorous, impartial and influential competition in the world, distinguished two Argentine Malbecs, the only South Americans among the 25 champions: the "Malbec de la Plata" and the "Malbec de la Plata", the "Malbec de la Plata".Tradition"(2022), from Susana Balbo winery, and "Artisan"(2021), from Argento winery.

Chile, land of wines

The wines from Chile are also among the best in the world in the selection and awarding of consumers and winemakers.

Chile's topography and climate are extremely conducive to vineyards.

Its flagship grape is a derivative of the French Merlot, the carménèresoft, smooth, attractive and delicious red wine.

The tannat, powerful charrúa

In Uruguay, the flagship strain, tannatThe wine is a singular and powerful red wine, with high alcohol content and rough. A local character that today has become more seductive and worldly. Avant-garde wineries soften and harmonize it, with hints of red fruits, spices and earthy notes.

Red wine tannat is exported to 47 countries. Uruguay is the world's leading producer of its grapes. Its growing fame is driving wine tourism, which invites visitors to tour the Wine Map.

Ricardo Chamorro
Ricardo Chamorro
Argentine journalist with accredited experience in the newspaper La Nación of Buenos Aires, in radios AM and FM Rivadavia, Continental, Ciudad, among others. He has written for ArgenTime magazine; he has participated as a journalist in Argentine television (Badía y Cía., news programs). He has also been a consultant in institutional press offices.

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