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Portal Agroalimentario is a private initiative of bi-national technological cooperation and development between Canada and Uruguay. It has innovative features, based on the application of information technology (IT), e-commerce and multi-platform solutions.



Portal Agroalimentario is an independent digital media. It provides information and multimedia contents that reflect the activity and dynamics of the Uruguayan, regional and international agri-food sector.

Among the objectives of the specialized media, we highlight the following:

  • To become the digital resource of reference for information and promotion of business opportunities for the agricultural and agro-industrial activity in Uruguay.
  • Contribute to the development of trade relations and investment promotion between Canada and Mercosur countries.
  • To disseminate internationally the knowledge and benefits in terms of production, scientific-technological innovation, animal health and welfare, food safety and environmental management of the Uruguayan agri-food sector and the countries of the American continent.

Our Mission

To offer quality information and ensure universal accessibility through the use of the various technological tools available.

Our vision

Quality information is capable of stimulating knowledge and productive human activities. If used with good judgment and responsibility, it is a formidable ally for decision making and the generation of employment, business and investment opportunities.

Our principles

The constant search for excellence and precision are our main objectives, which are reflected in the development of our work, publications and products.

We value and encourage teamwork. We are part of a qualified multidisciplinary group, integrated by journalists, specialized columnists, and experts in Information Technology (IT) and multimedia production.

We are defined by our ability to adapt and our willingness to overcome challenges and seize opportunities.

Creativity and innovation are drivers of our progress, constantly challenging us to go beyond our limits.

We prioritize effectiveness and efficiency in achieving our objectives, optimizing our activities and resources.

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Press Room
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Portal Agroalimentario is an interactive and multiplatform digital media. An innovative private initiative of bi-national cooperation and technological development between Canada and Uruguay.

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